Global Network of Women's Shelters


The 4WCWS program reflects the key issues facing both the shelter community and the broader movement to end violence against women today.

Theme 1: Art and Advocacy

From the Vagina Monologues to the #MeToo campaign, the arts and culture industry is a key player in changing public opinion on violence against women. This session will discuss using the arts to stop gender-based violence.

Theme 2: New Methods in Shelter Management and Social Work

This session will challenge participants to think out of the box about protecting survivors by looking at innovative systems, integration of resources, and services that meet the diverse needs of survivors. 

Theme 3: Policy and Legislation

This session will critically examine international standards and goals, explore innovative strategies to improve accountability and coordination and identify laws and policies that help protect victims and end abuse.

Theme 4: Equality and Economic Empowerment

This session will look at ways to increase the productive earning power of women and develop inclusive communities, reduce poverty and violence, and empower women and girls.

Theme 5: Emerging Issues

This session will be an open space for discussion on new and emerging issues such as data collection, privacy, LGBTQ shelter management, institutional abuse, and more.


Abaad and UNFPA have led a capacity building program that started in June 2018 and ended in December 2018. This was an effort by UNFPA Iraq to open a shelter in Baghdad and consolidating others in Kurdistan.
The aim was to reinforce the capacities of shelter staff on Human Right Based approach and shelter management
The event also aimed to share experiences and expertise between different governorates and parts of Iraq mainly Kurdistan Iraq which
has a long experience in running government women shelters.
This event also showed  their excitement towards the  4th World Conference and discussed the workshop that will be led by UNFPA Iraq in the shelter conference in Taiwan 2019.
Aldith Hunkar to co-host 4WCWS

Dutch journalist Aldith Hunkar will reprise her role as co-host of the World Conference of Women's Shelters at 4WCWS in Kaohsiung, Taiwan this November. Aldith is an experienced presenter, broadcaster and reporter with a passion for social issues. 

The former anchor for the Dutch national news channel NOS is known for her warm personality and cool sense of control. She currently runs her own multi-media company, where she combines her talents with her passion for travel.

As a child Aldith led an ex-pat life. Her father’s career for the Dutch government and the United Nations took the Hunkar family from Suriname, to Malaysia, Brazil and Tunisia. Aldith attended different educational systems and learned to express herself not only in Dutch, but English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

She decided at a young age that her heart was in journalism. She started in the 1980s at the first commercial radio station in the Netherlands, Radio 10, before moving to the national broadcasters. Her alternative Top 40 program and her talkradio show established her as a conversation partner and a fresh and sharp interrogator.

In 1994, Aldith was invited to anchor the NOS news program for children. During the six following years the daily show won many awards, and Aldith was voted Female Television Presenter of the Year 1998.

In 2000, she made the switch to regular news, and became the first camera-journalist in the Netherlands. Not director and interviewer, she was also camera operator, sound engineer, and editor. Her most memorable reports were filmed in Pakistan, Mozambique, Morocco and her country of birth, Suriname.

Her talent for improvisation and her obvious ease during live shows meant Aldith was asked to present a host of high-profile TV programs. As her career developed, she focused on longer productions with a social or cultural character. Her love for and knowledge of music was manifested in a popular weekly jazz show.

Travelling has always remained an important part of Aldith's life and she now lives part-time in Jamaica, the Caribbean island that stole her heart some twenty years ago, when she first visited as a tourist.


16 days of activism, 16 reasons to go to 4WCWS

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4WCWS will feature leaders from civil society, government, the corporate sector and academia to present cutting-edge practices and visions for the future.

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